Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Develop, build and nurture the Textile Engineering knowledge to benefit the society.


Department of Textile Engineering premeditated to provide its students the basic and advanced knowledge about Textile Engineering with analytical, critical thinking, research and leadership skills that are necessary to meet the current textile demands at home and abroad. For achieving the mission, a multi-dimensional curriculum with modern laboratories is designed to equip students with a broad-based knowledge of different textile sectors like spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing-finishing, printing and apparel manufacturing.

Aims of the department:

1. Mapping the curriculum with the modern concepts to flourish the key skills of the students as well as academic and non-academic personals.

2. Introduce and habituate the students with basic and the latest technologies associated with the textile arena.

3. Enrichment of lab equipment, teaching-learning tools, student activities, and quality staff management system to provide day one service skills to the graduates both in job and research activities.

4. Initiate fundamental, applied, and society demand/impactful research activities for the welfare of the textile society and human civilization.

5. Establish linkage with industry, national and international organizations (education and/or research institutes) for enriching the quality education and research environment.